Since 1986, my approach to cutting, coloring, and styling has been simplistic in nature. I strive to finish each service quickly and with the highest quality results. You can depend on my ability to consistently deliver natural looking color, and precision cuts which makes your hair easier to care for and style at home.


Hours vary depending on the days of the week, the general busy-ness of my schedule, and other factors. Due to COVID-19, I’ve shortened my work week due to the effect the mask has on my asthma. My current hours are Tuesday thru Thursday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., but I often book outside of those hours. Call today, or book your appointment online!


I’m now located at 10310 W. Markham Ste 222-5, Little Rock, AR 72205. Don’t hesitate to text or call my cell 501-416-7230, or hit the “schedule now” button above to schedule your appointment. Feel free to call or text, but please remember that I only stop in between clients to check messages and respond to calls, and thanks for your patronage!